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WE HAVE A 140,000+ READERSHIP IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA - we are the largest online family focused community sharing and promoting all things FAMILY FRIENDLY ADELAIDE, including events, activities, attractions, eating out, local businesses - with a unique point of difference - our fantastic KIDS AROUND TOWN discount vouchers. Providing families with thousands of dollars of savings each year!


Adelaide Kids is an online community and an essential resource to literally thousands of families looking for fun and exciting ways to entertain kids and spend quality time together.

We value our readers and are passionate about sharing the most up to date and relevant information about family friendly events, places to visit on a family day out, classes and groups to attend, local and online businesses, and we also provide some great savings along the way.

We provide an invaluable service, with quality content, to families in Adelaide as well as offering unique advertising and promotional opportunities for businesses.


Adelaide Kids provides many listings free of charge. We also offer a wide range of paid advertising and promotional opportunities. 

All our advertising options have been designed to have a bigger and better impact than the free listings we offer. They have been carefully designed using a multi-faceted and flexible approach and therefore create the best opportunity to showcase your organisation to our readers.

Our advertising options are the most effective and best value around for your advertising budget and suit most small businesses, as well as providing excellent value for money for the larger organisation. Whether you want to promote an event, class, attraction, school holiday program, restaurant or cafe, local/online business, a sale or promotion, we cater for all budgets and business needs.


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